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    The ADHD-Eating Disorders: What’s The Link?

    If you have ADHD, you are also at risk of developing an eating disorder. Learn why feelings of inadequacy can lead to eating problems, and how counseling or medication can help you get back on track. Is there a connection between ADHD and Eating Disorders? In a brief, sure. ADHD and eating disorders may have a connection. The relationship is the result of several variables. For starters, ADHD symptoms can make it difficult to plan nutritious, filling meals. As a result, those with ADHD are more likely to develop an eating disorder. Eating Disorders and ADHD Many children and teenagers with ADHD develop food aversions as a result of sensory…

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    Understand Women’s Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are significant mental illnesses. The DSM-5 presently recognizes four eating disorders, and while they can affect anybody, they are most common among women. Women’s Eating Disorder Statistics These are some statistics on female eating disorders: Different Types of Eating Disorders in Women There are numerous types of eating problems. The most common eating disorders are binge eating disorder, bulimia nervosa, and anorexia nervosa. This section will provide information about female anorexia and bulimia nervosa. Women and Anorexia Anorexia is an eating disorder marked by a preoccupation with gaining weight. This dread promotes severe food restriction, resulting in significant weight loss. Anorexia can eventually lead to malnutrition. Despite the…

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    Suicide and Eating Disorders: 6 Symptoms of Suicidal Thought

    Suicide is more likely in those with anorexia, bulimia, or binge eating disorder than in the general population. Nonetheless, eating disorders are treatable, and suicidal impulses can be managed and overcome. Recognize the warning symptoms of suicide ideation. Eating disorders have a negative impact on both the mind and the body, so it’s not surprising that those who suffer from them may consider suicide. In fact, research suggests that up to 20% (1 in 5) of persons suffering from anorexia attempt suicide. Individual group studies have revealed that up to 60% of persons with eating disorders have suicidal thoughts and behaviors. Suicidal thoughts, attempts, and completion are substantially higher in…

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    All Types And Signs of Eating Disorders

    Eating disorders are potentially life-threatening medical illnesses. If you notice the symptoms of an eating disorder (in yourself or someone else), seek help immediately before the disease has a negative impact on your physical and mental health. What are Eating Disorders? Eating disorders are psychological issues that are characterized by major and persistent disruptions in eating behaviors, as well as painful thoughts and emotions. These illnesses can be severe, impairing physical, psychological, and social function. Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, binge eating disorder, avoidant restrictive food intake disorder, other specified feeding and eating disorder, pica, and rumination disorder. Eating disorders affect up to 5% of the population and…

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