Do You Have Adult Autism? (Self-Assessment)

This quick quiz created by an expert might assist you in determining whether you are experiencing symptoms prevalent in people with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

Who Is This Autism Quiz For?

To find out if you have autism as an adult, take the quiz below.

The following is a list of questions about life experiences that are prevalent among adults with autism spectrum disorder (ASD). Please carefully read each question and mark how frequently you have faced the same or comparable issues in the last few months.

How Accurate Is It?

This quiz is NOT a diagnostic tool. Mental health concerns can only be diagnosed by licensed mental health experts.

Mental Dose believes assessments to be a valuable starting step in the therapy process. Too frequently, individuals refrain from seeking assistance out of a misguided belief that their issues are too valid or serious to merit professional intervention.

How is ASD treated?

Finding the most effective method of treatment is one of the most difficult problems. The options appear limitless, and distinguishing one from another might be difficult. Applied behavioral analysis, relationship-building tactics, speech/language and occupational therapy, counseling, and social skills groups are the most prevalent therapies.

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